Meditation: Navigating the Subconscious and Superconscious Realms of the Mind with Terry Sidhu

Taught by his mother at an early age, Terry Sidhu has been meditating most of his life and has been life coaching for almost six years.

Through his work with a diverse number of clients, Terry has noticed there are commonalities in the problems people are facing, which center around neglecting, repressing, and suppressing their thoughts and issues.

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Terry teaches meditation as a tool that anyone can use to address these problems and achieve a greater sense of control and confidence in any situation.

Benefits of Meditation

Practicing meditation helps prevent anxiety by enabling you to completely detach from the physical world and enter the inner world, where you can manipulate situations to achieve desired outcomes by taking more control from the inside.   

Emotional state dictates your experience of reality. When you’re not meditating, clearing the clutter in your conscious space, the mind can get too bogged down with these emotions. Meditation is the practice of organizing this mindspace.

Meditation is also self care. Start from the point of meditation rather than trying to fix your problems with pills, drugs, or coffee. Take care of your health first by meditating, feeding yourself well, resting, and giving your body what it needs. This is the foundation for achieving self-realization.

The How of Meditation

How does meditation work? Meditation is a progression, much like sleep cycles, in which you go deeper and deeper.

You can start by detaching, and what Terry calls “accepting Maya.” This is essentially temporarily accepting that the physical world is not real; it’s an illusion. Through this process, you can develop objectivity, explore thoughts and situations from different angles, and learn from these new perspectives.

Integration is an important step in the meditation process as well. When you return from the inner world and integrate your experiences, you have the ability to manifest the life you want.

Learning to Trust Your Instincts

According to Terry, mental health is a matter of managing energy. One thing he’s learned in his own personal experience is this: don’t fight your instincts.

Allow yourself to procrastinate if you feel the need, but when you start to feel antsy, listen to that also and do something.

Self-realization is understanding what you’re here for. It’s recognizing that your body is a vessel for your consciousness, and your subconscious mind is just an aspect of experience. It’s memory. It’s a storage unit.

You are not your subconscious mind. There’s so much more to you, including the superconscious mind, which is the seat of imagination and creativity. Consciousness is utilizing those two different realms of the mind to navigate yourself forward.

Terry’s Meditation Practice is Cannabis-Friendly

Cannabis works as a meditation guide. It takes your mind on a journey, and it “opens your mind like a lotus flower.” Whatever is present in the center of that lotus flower, whether it’s fear or anxiety, or whatever it is, it is revealed.

Cannabis makes you vulnerable, and you need to be in that state to meditate. It allows you to let go and let your mind be creative.

Terry hopes that through his use of Cannabis as a meditation tool, it will also serve as an education tool for those looking to explore cannabis. 420 meditation is a healthy way to have an initial experience, and it can also serve as a tool for changing the stigma around  it, removing fear, and encouraging people to try it as an aid for health if it’s needed.

Empowerment Through Meditation

Terry stresses the importance of listening to that little voice within. Until we stop neglecting ourselves, we cannot fully realize how much power and potential that we have, and what we’re capable of creating.

That’s where meditation comes in. By going inside the mind,“accepting Maya,” and going deeper until we detach, we can push through the subconscious mind into the superconscious state where we will feel empowered and more in control.

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