Reflecting On Our First Member Appreciation Night

On October 15th, we organized our very first Member Appreciation Night in Vancouver bringing together over 150 of our community members for great food, exciting announcements and lots of live entertainment.

Float Ambassador Yared Nigussu was live painting alongside the Float House family and guests playing didgeridoo and drums to start the night.

Yared Nigussu's final painting from the start of the night.

Yared Nigussu's final painting from the start of the night.


Announcements & Membership Updates

Founders Mike & Andy Zaremba made announcements with updates to the membership and benefits of being a part of the community at Float House.

  • Shareable premium memberships are now open (you can bring anyone in to float with you for $39, instead of having to connect two people to your account)
  • Float logbooks were introduced to help you journal and keep track of your floats and progress, plus after 5 floats you can bring someone in to float with you and you float for free
  • Once per month — Float House will host a members float for free day.
  • #WhyWeFloat campaign launched — a campaign to share the personal and powerful stories of the thousands of people around the world who float. Visit to learn more.


Members shared their stories of why they float.

I’ve floated 5 times in the past three months. I just moved to Canada, and it’s helping me cope with culture shock.
— Maryam
For me, floating is all about blocking out the world and focusing on me, so I can expand and grow; to be quiet and self-improve to bring calmness to life.
— Klaus
I’m an introvert and floating helps me cope with the overstimulation of modern society. Been doing it for two years to revitalize the soul.
— Jordan
My first time floating was back in the 70s. Now I float once a month because I’m going through times of transition in my life. I’m not a meditator, so floating is my way of calming my mind down and letting what needs to emerge, emerge.
— Falcon
The tank brings everything into line, and helps you understand your thoughts and reflect on the way the world works. The world needs this [floating]. I think floating is something everyone can benefit from.
— Mike M.
I’ve been floating since 2013. It’s about relaxation, meditation, calmness, and feeling centered. I love it.
— Mike S.


The main event for the night was the TJ Dawe's captivating one man show, Medicine, which he performed live for our members. Luckily, our friend and Float Ambassador Omid Pakbin recorded the performance for us, so you can enjoy it as well.

Watch TJ Dawe's performance of 'Medicine'

A special thanks to Hoochy Booch Kombucha for greeting guests with kombucha. Also, a huge thank you to all the generous donors for our raffle prizes:

Thanks to everyone who came out to make it a memorable evening! We're grateful to all of our members and those who float with us for personal and collective growth.

Float on!


Find out more about becoming a member here