Taking Time To Heal

By Delaney Serene

You know those days where you feel fragile, where you've been stretched too far too fast and you're frantically trying to hold it all together while doing a million things, but it all breaks apart anyway?

That was me last night, in tears and feeling defeated as I walked into Healing One to float. Hugs from your friends are incredibly healing, but hugs coupled with a float is the ultimate feel good prescription, I am now convinced.

I've floated four times at Healing One and each time has been a different experience, mainly based on the state I am in when I enter the tank. The state I am in when I leave the tank is always the same though -- calm and rejuvenated as expected, but I also feel this deeper sense of control and understanding with my life, and all of life. When I am in the tank it is just me and my breath, there is nothing to hide, there is truth and that makes me feel empowered.

I think that on this deeper level, each float is different because it gives me the time that I need to heal whatever is going on in my life at the moment. Sometimes I'm actively addressing my thoughts and feelings, sometimes an epiphany comes to me, sometimes the theta brainwaves just take over and lull me into blissland...


I believe that what ever comes up in the tank is meant to: I've cried, laughed, been agitated, been angry, meditated, and fallen asleep while floating.

Regardless, I feel the benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually as a whole, and it is absolutely incredible! The more I float the more aligned and in balance I feel, and I can ride that feel good wave a little longer each time.

Today, I still have a million things to do, but thanks to floating I am doing them with a little bit of pep in my step!