#WhyWeFloat: The Winning Stories

Last month we launched an industry-wide campaign to help share the personal and powerful stories of those who float — and that's exactly what we got. #WhyWeFloat started off with a contest and the prize of a trip for 2 to Kauai, Hawaii.


From healing eczema to overcoming depression, the benefits of floatation therapy are as wide-ranging and unique as the people who enter into the tank. We were blown away by the stories told and grateful to everyone who is participating in this movement and shift in consciousness. 

If you're new to floating, take a look at the stories shared to see the value that can be derived from the nothingness of the tank.

It was tough to choose a winner amongst all of the creativity, wisdom and deeply personal stories that we received, but there was one individual who went above and beyond in digging deep into their story and creating beautiful posts that exemplify the mission behind #WhyWeFloat.

And the winner is... 

Congratulations to Christina Wiebe

Christina shared how floating helps her deal with Central Sensitivity Syndrome, chronic disease, pain, stress and the ways in which it promotes personal growth through reflection and a 'pause'. She shared her story across every platform and left us with a powerful video in the last couple hours that sums up exactly why she floats. Christina will be heading off on a week-long trip for 2 to Kauai, Hawaii for some floating, relaxation and a well-deserved honeymoon. Thank you for sharing your story, Christina! Please join us in congratulating her!

You can watch her video & see her stories below.

One of the things I love about going to the @float_house is walking in and being greeted by the soul-soothing paintings of @jan_kasparec_art. It's so easy to get lost in them and let the colours and energy and beauty of the images wash over you. I try to set an intention for my float and sometimes I use these paintings as inspiration. When I looked at this painting and lost myself in the joyful expression of this elephant, my intention of 'joy' was formed. Being burdened with a chronic disease makes it hard to recognize the joyful things in life to be grateful for so I decided to spend my precious time in the tank focusing on just that. When I enter the tank, I feel like I'm slipping into a sacred space. It is the only true escape from the noise of our world and the nothingness I experience inside enables me to quiet my mind and focus on a single intention. Though my mind tends to race through a myriad of thoughts and to-do lists, the silence and darkness of the tank is the only thing I've found that can quickly reel in my crazed mind. There is nothing like it. This is #whywefloat. #sensorydeprivation #floatintonothingness #floattanktherapy #css #fibrofighter #joysoflife

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One of my least favourite weekly rituals is topping up my pill box. Crazy fact - I have to bring over 1000 pills with me during my 3 months in Alberta. There is no one drug that helps with Central Sensitivity Syndrome. Instead, as with many chronic diseases, I have to take a myriad of strong drugs whose off-label uses attempt to manage my situation. I really hate being on so many different pills. Their side effects are no joke too: they affect my mental acuity, cause drowsiness (which is so bad b/c I have chronic fatigue syndrome), increase sweating, make my mouth super dry, decrease sex drive, worsen constipation, increase appetite and major weight gain, cause confusion and burning/tingling sensations...and the list goes on. While my life is in flux, I have to stick to taking these little pills of horror but I hope to one day have a stable home/life situation that enables me to explore other routes of healing. I especially hope to be able to #float in #sensorydeprivationtanks on a regular (even every day) basis. They are powerful tools for healing, relaxation, and they've given me the deepest sleep I've ever achieved in my life. My illnesses make reaching restorative deep sleep nearly impossible so I believe daily floating will make a significant difference in how quickly I recover. #WhyWeFloat #floathouse #lifeofachronicsufferer #spoonielife #fibrofighter #centralsensitivitysyndrome #drugssuck #toomanysideeffects #alternativehealing

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Tonight the tank showed its value once more. Peter's been feeling very apprehensive about leaving for San Francisco tomorrow. It's a risky move and there are so many unknown variables - like whether or not the border guard will let him through - that anyone would feel nervous. Plus, this week of stress and the physical exertion of moving has weighed down on him and he still couldn't rest today in order to complete all his assignments by tomorrow's deadline. When he let me know that he was wrecked with nerves and exhaustion, I suggested a float. It's amazing how the tank can give you what your body and mind need. Even though it took a couple hours away from his studying, he came out of it feeling grounded and reassured. He said, "After settling in, it felt as though I was being swayed back and forth in the arms of the tank to soothe my fears". Awesome. I'm so glad #floating and submitting to the healing powers of the #sensorydeprivationtank could help him in such a significant way, especially since I can't physically be there for him anymore. If you've ever been curious about floating, take the leap and just do it. #WhyWeFloat #somanybenefits #surrender #letitallgo #floathouse

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Sometimes the strangest thing happens when I slip into the warm waters of my #floattank at the @float_house, close my eyes, and leave behind the noise of the world. It's as if all the stars of the universe are imprinted on the insides of my eyelids. As I gaze around, I feel my body floating on fluid starlight and I experience the sensation of rotating clockwise on this ocean of stars. Always clockwise. The first time it happened, I thought I was tripping and tore my eyes open to get a grip on reality. The second time it happened, I melted into the stars and enjoyed the gentle motion of floating through the universe. I never know when a float will bring me this experience. It's a mystery to me how or why it happens but I've grown to love it. Each time I open the door of my tank and pause before stepping inside, I silently wish that it's starlight that awaits me. #WhyIFloat #WhyWeFloat #surreal #theinexplicableuniverse

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We encourage you to keep using the hashtag #WhyWeFloat on social media to share your stories of how floating benefits you and why you float. 


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