The Feminine Nature of Floating

Floatation therapy, by its very nature, is about honouring and cultivating the feminine.

Regardless of gender, each of us contains masculine and feminine energies.

We flex our masculine energy when directional, stoic, action-oriented, assertive, logical, and analytical.

Our feminine expresses as open, receptive, soft, nurturing, warm, joyful, and compassionate.

Another way to put it is that feminine energy is more about being. While masculine energy is about doing -- also described as the polarity of yin and yang.

It's the balanced practice of both, which cultivates optimal wellbeing. Many spiritual leaders attribute the world’s illnesses to over-identification with the masculine.

Depression rates and anxiety are at all-time highs in the Western world. Is it a coincidence that we're work-obsessed, restlessly driven toward economic growth, and deeply immersed in digital technology?

The values underlying our society, as well as the images of success we worship, are masculine. #hustle #grind #neverquit

Masculine energy fuels the drive to create, innovate, and push through struggle. This helps us survive in times of scarcity and hardship. And while it’s a necessary mode of being, it's also important to switch gears into the feminine.

The Gateway to the Feminine

Floating transports you to the astounding power of our feminine side.

It activates the parasympathetic nervous system (aka: the “rest-and-digest” system). This system handles some key health functions. It slows our heart rate. It increases activity in the glands and the digestive tract, and it relaxes muscles.

In the float tank there’s nowhere we need to go, nothing we need to do, hack, or fix, and no one we need to become. The only prerogative is to breathe, let go, and open up.

If we don’t prioritize yin time, we put ourselves at risk. We become more prone to chronic fatigue, hypertension, and a slew of diseases caused by stress.

After floating, most people report feelings of peace, presence, relaxation, kindness, and connectedness.

What the world needs now is to flex the feminine.

We've removed ourselves from the food chain. We've engineered buildings to scrape the skies. And we've launched phallic hunks of metal into space, literally penetrating the Universe.

So, what's left?

When do we relax this chronic, pathological drive to conquer nature? When do we lead with the regenerative, healing, communal aspects of our humanity?

Do we need to continue prioritizing engineering resources for efficiency? Must we 'optimize' our hectic week? Should we focus on orchestrating frictionless pizza delivery, or self-driving Übers. What if, instead, we turn to our neighbours to offer a hand out of desolate poverty and preventable disease?

A healthier society starts right here with you and me.

By honouring the feminine in our own lives, and leading by example, we raise it up in the community at large.

This is the purpose behind most float centres – to change the community by nurturing the people in it.

We’re here to amplify the feminine.

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