Super Foods to Help You Survive and Thrive #VancouverSurvivalGuide

Not all super powers come from getting bitten by radioactive spiders or being born on Krypton.

Some come from eating certain Super Foods that supercharge your ability to survive and thrive in the big city through extraordinary ingredients that organic and unprocessed.

In their latest #VancouverSurvivalGuide podcast, Float House Gastown founders Andy and Mike Zaremba featured two leading Super Foodies as part of their Fitness and Nutrition Month series.

Meet Zach Berman and Ryan Slater from the Juice Truck. They created Canada’s first cold-pressed juice company and are expanding with new brick-and-mortar locations in Steveston and Yaletown. They also have a book coming out June 6 called, The Juice Truck: A Guide to Juicing, Smoothies, Cleanses and Living a Plant-Based Lifestyle.

The Juice Truck founders are using Super Foods to change the face of Vancouver food trucks – an inspiration sparked by their travels to such places as Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. They were just looking for a great adventure, but as they sampled and studied each region’s natural remedies, medicines, and health routines, they discovered ingredients that could be shared with Vancouverites to improve their lives.

Here are 3 Super Foods the Juice Truck founders highlighted.

Sea Buckthorn Berry

Grows at a high altitude in Nepal that’s high in omegas, calcium, and potassium.

Pine Pollen

It’s a natural plant-based form of testosterone that helps men before and after workouts. It can also do wonders for a man’s libido! For women, it can also help balance hormones.


A freshwater algae that’s packed with protein, B vitamins and antioxidants.

The Juice Truck is also creating communities inspired by the juice carts of India. As Ryan told us, “there were these little gathering spaces where the same people would come for health and wellness each day. The guy who was making the juice ended up recognizing us and it was this cool community approach to health and wellness that we hadn't really seen in Vancouver.”

At Juice Truck, they offer such events as Mama Mondays with free workshops for new and expecting moms on nutrition, sleep coaching and other topics. Other events include Mindful Movie Nights with Erin Ireland of It's To Die For once a month that include a post-flick discussion on plant-based nutrition. For full details on the book, community events and more on Super Foods, visit the Juice Truck

Zack Berman and Ryan Slater are the co-founders of The Juice Truck. Canada's first Cold Pressed Juice Bar. They have their first book coming out in June 2017 with Penguin Random House on Juicing, Smoothies and living a Plant Based Lifestyle. Both of these guys are advocates of plant based living and the benefits for your personal health and the health of the world