Realizing Your True Self with Paul Selig

Paul Selig works as a psychic and medium, channeling messages from spiritual guides and also working psychically with the living. He describes himself primarily as clairaudient, which means clear hearing, and he works with spiritual guides that speak to him delivering teachings and messages that he shares through books and workshops.

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Channeling for him is like taking dictation. The way he explains it is that he’s a radio; he’s tuned into his guides, and they’re the broadcast.

When he works psychically with someone, the person he’s working with becomes the radio station he’s tuned into. When he starts to hear that person or become that person, the ways he accesses information are through other abilities: clairvoyance (clear sight) and clairsentience (clear feeling).

The small self and the high self

Paul has written several books, which he does not take credit for himself, as they are taken as dictation from the guides who speak to him. One of the overarching themes within all of his books is the theme or idea around personal transformation from the small self to what he refers to as the high self, divine self, or the true self. According to the teachings of the guides, this is the journey of humankind.  

The guides talk about the personality as a structure that they call the small self. The personality structure is dependant on many things: when you were born, what generation you are, what religion you’re brought up in (or a lack of religion), what ethnicity you are, what your parents said you are, what your teachers told you to be, what society would demand of you at any given time, and so on.

So in some ways, we’re a compilation of all these things. And it’s not that those things are wrong, but they’re not who we are. “I can say, I’m Paul, I live in New York City, I’m in my 50s, I’m in a male body, this is what I do for work now, but that’s not who I am. Those are ways of knowing myself or being known by others,” says Selig.

The small self is essentially based on historical data, and what the small self wants to do is replicate that data. So, if your mother or father said you’re a failure and you walk around with what the guides call a frame--a frame is a constructed personality--the purpose of that frame is to affirm what you were taught to be. That’s the personality self--the small self.

The true self, according to the guides, also referred to as the divine self, the high self, or eternal self, is realized or known as who and what we are in identity form, which is inclusive of the body and energetic field, which is our consciousness and vibration.

What the guides seem to be doing, says Selig, is bringing us through a sequence of teachings and attunements to a realization and a knowing of who and what we are for the purpose of the lifting of all things.

How you realize truth or come into agreement to it is a process of acclimation to a higher octave of vibration. To align to it calls your life to a higher accord. And what you call to you must be of equal vibration. The guides have said, “The one who knows herself in shame will be liberated from shame. The one who demands to rule others will know himself in service to others. You cannot be the light and hold another in darkness.”

To be fully realized in truth through this work is to know who you are, and who everyone else is as well, beyond the structure of personality, which you have been entrenched in for so long.

Overcoming judgement and fear

The guides explain that we exist in a shared octave of highs and lows. You can’t be the light and hold another in darkness. What you damn, damns you back. And what you put in the darkness calls you to it, so how we attend to these things is very much dependent on what we want to receive. If I want to have my moral indignation and call somebody evil or damn them, I can do that, but in doing that, I’m calling myself to that level of vibration. It’s the realization that the divine must exist in all things or in nothing at all. You can’t have it both ways.

But if the divine is all things, then what about fear? What the guides have said about fear is that fear is of the divine, too, it just doesn’t know it. It’s just denying its own nature. What they say again and again is that the action of fear is to claim more fear.

Look at the last choice you made because you were afraid, and see what it got you. More than likely you’ll find that it’s more fear. According to Selig, there’s not a lie that’s ever been told that hasn’t been told in fear.

So when we do start experiencing fear, how do we overcome that? Everything is a choice, so when you experience fear, you’re agreeing to fear. What do you want for yourself? You can be in fear if you wish. You may learn there. It’s not the highest choice, but many choose this.

To learn in a higher way means you take authority. You make a new choice beyond the old programming that you should be afraid. The belief that you should be afraid and are protected by your fear is something you must understand.

Nothing can be claimed unless it’s first a possibility

We’re always ordering off of the menu of what we think we can have, but there may be a whole other menu of potential available to all of us that we haven’t begun to claim. Nothing can be claimed unless it’s first a possibility.

So how do we access that? If you look around you, all of the institutions that we have, for the most part, we’ve inherited them, and we think these are the only ways we can know the ideas that are behind them and the world around us.

For example, we expect that there will always be a bank or a government. We’ve been on a planet that’s been at war for so very long, that we cannot imagine a planet without it. And consequently we’re going to keep claiming war, because in fact we expect it.

The way this changes is to align to a level of consciousness where war is not an option, where it doesn’t exist. The small self, or the personality self, can’t do that, but the divine self, or the true self, can, because the true self knows itself beyond those structures and also outside of the limitations that we’ve bought into.

So if we can align to the true self, put ourselves in that vibration, that’s when other possibilities can open up for us, because we’re not limiting ourselves to what we’ve had.

What is the purpose of existence? A message from the guides

When asked about the purpose of our existence, the guides responded through Selig in this way. The purpose of existence is “to realize and know who you are. To claim the identity of the true self that is the gift of being.

“It is not a penance to be realized. It does not mean that your life stops as it is. It means that you encounter the world in a much different way, and you realize who you are in love and all your encounters.

“The denial of the divine, which is the issue here, is only remedied through the choice to realize underlying choice. You choose to realize by agreeing to the new and being willing to release the old, the mask you have worn, or how you have identified meaning.

“The true self as you is who is realized. He comes forth in an awakened state for the benefit of all.”


So how can you get started? It’s as simple--or perhaps as difficult--as seeing the divine in everyone and everything. If you do this, Selig says, you’ll know who you are. But, you have to first be willing.

“Go outside and realize that the divine must be in all will awaken very quickly when you stop precluding people and yourself from your true nature.”

Key takeaways

  • Paul’s work as a channeler is like “taking dictation” from the guides

  • The guides are teachers here to shepherd us into growth

  • An overarching theme of the books he channels is the transformation from the small self to the high self

  • Nothing can be claimed unless it’s first a possibility

  • The purpose of existence is to realize and know who you are