4 Ways to Free Your Mind #VancouverSurvivalGuide

Float House Gastown founders Andy and Mike Zaremba have spoken to some of Metro Vancouver’s most innovative thinkers on their regular #VancouverSurvivalGuide podcast.

The goal is to highlight creative ideas to help people survive and thrive in the city.

But recently, Mike was asked on the podcast for his own survival tips – and he had no shortage of things people can do to free their minds and relieve stress.

Be Supernatural

“Get out there and connect with the natural environment.” One example is his special spot exploring the Lynn Headwaters in North Vancouver. “Sometimes I'll walk for six hours, sometimes it will be like two hours but I'll go.”

However, it’s not just about the physical exertion because Mike will stop and do some meditation with only the sounds of nature in the background.

“I'll go and I'll connect with the nature that I'm in. I'll connect with my family, I'll connect with my goals and my dreams, I'll connect with the present moment and I'll connect with myself, and I'll use this as my facilitating tool.”

Embrace Culture and Rituals

“Humans have an amazing ability to derive powerful experiences out of ritual and intention and I believe that is hardwired in us and have completely lost significance in our rituals and western culture in my opinion. Reintroducing meaningful personally defined and created rituals or whatever that is, is really powerful stuff.”

Getting to Know the Unknown

“I think if we can say that we know everything as a species, as a civilization or as an individual, I think we're fooling ourselves. I think we don't know everything. I think being open to the unknown, whatever level that might be, is very valuable. I think it's very useful. I think it can serve you very well in your personal life and your professional life. I think being open is really powerful and special.”


There’s nothing wrong with the power of information, but sometimes you have to get away from it. We're more connected than ever. The data information we've taken is more than ever. This is a super common theme of the survival guide is people finding ways to take space in their own meaningful, personal way. That is a definite red thread and common pattern between the Survival Guide. Like how do you disconnect and unplug. Find a way.