5 Ways to Create a Lifestyle of ‘Yes’ #VancouverSurvivalGuide

Trapped in a culture of ‘no’?

Someone asks you to try something different and you instinctively say ‘no’ because you haven’t done it before. Instead of learning a new skill, you’ve cut yourself off from a potentially great experience.

A lifestyle of ‘yes’ would change all that.

It takes a wholesale attitude transformation, but as Float House Gastown founders Andy and Mike Zaremba discussed on their #VancouverSurvivalGuide podcast, it’s easier than people think to say ‘yes’ to thriving and surviving in the city.

They welcomed lifestyle mentors and performance coaches Dai and Christie Manuel, creators of the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto - an approach to both mind and body that involves ‘moving with a purpose’ to build confidence and knock down barriers.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

As Dai says, the Internet is like an “information fire hose” that can drown people in health misinformation. Instead, set simple, achievable goals. As you reach each goal, it inspires you to go for the next one.

Avoid the ‘Back Burner’ Trap

Many people achieve a certain level of health in their 20s, Dai says, and then put it on the ‘back burner’ in favour of career or relationships, until it spirals out of control.

Clear a Space

Yes, we live in a rainforest. It is wet. Buckets. But Christie and Dai’s Power 30 approach means you only need to clear a space in your home the size of a yoga mat for exercise if you don’t want go out. Then, spend a few minutes on ‘mindfulness’ with a little meditation or even just focused silence to power down your brain from stress. And finally, 10 minutes at least a day of personal development. Try a TED Talk, or a podcast.

Let Your Brain Feed You

Think about the food you eat. Ask, “Does this meal get me closer to my goals?” Use your brain to both research ‘clean’ foods, and plan meals in advance.

Let a Community Guide You

A minute working out alone on a machine can feel like the most agonizing seconds ever. But being active in a group like a rock climbing club lets you feed off of others’ positive energy. You can even form your own community of friends and family. The Manuels suggest the Grind for Kids (grindforkids.ca), which has people collecting pledges for every trip up the Grouse Grind, with proceeds going to BC Children’s Hospital.

The Life Enhancers: Dai, Christie Manuel and their two girls. 

The Life Enhancers: Dai, Christie Manuel and their two girls. 

 Dai and Christie Manuel are all about health, happiness, community, life experiences and leading by example. They had a desire to live life differently. They recognized time was the one thing we could not create more of, so they simplified life, down-sizing their monthly overhead, said goodbye to their traditional jobs, gave-away most of their stuff and jammed what they could into a little SUV, so they could experience more as a family and connect with more communities. Dai and Christie are on a mission to embrace living life differently and enhance lives along the way. More details at.... full story: http://thelifeenhancers.com/about-us/ 

Challenging Men to Man-Up and Build a Mentorship Community #VancouverSurvivalGuide

Challenging Men to Man-Up and Build a Mentorship Community #VancouverSurvivalGuide
In a recent episode of the Real Vancouver podcast, hosts Andy and Mike Zaremba started off their "Vancouver Survival Guide" with a bang. They sat down with Connor Beaton, founder of Man Talks, to discuss how local businesses and entrepreneurs could be leveraged to make their communities a better place. Beaton talked at length about the origins of Man Talks and how personal and professional development for men should always be a priority.

Ever Gone On A Float Date Before?

Going on a Float Date is probably one of the best dating forms I've ever done! Here's why I love them so much!

You learn a lot about someone quickly!

The post-float chill out period, typically done within the walls of a float centre's lounge, sipping tea and soaking in the ambiance, is a time when someone could quite possible be their most authentic self. When someone is truly relaxed they're less guarded and they're more likely to express how they truly feel.


Enhanced Communication

With the massively grounding and potent purging of stress that a 90-minute float can provide, it leaves the floater in a state that is less reactive, more present and likely basking with inner clarity simply by turning down the entire volume of life for a while. This is when one can speak and listen from an open and honest place, being truly comfortable in one's skin and letting one's inner light shine.  


More sensual!

The float brings one out of their heads and into their body.  In the absence of external stimuli the floater experiences what's left; oneself. Their thoughts (which hopefully calms down with some breathing exercises, see below), their emotions, and the physical sensations of the body. It's amazing even during the stillness of a float how vibrant and visceral the sensations of the body actually feel.  
We become hyper-sensitive physically in a good way.  In the extreme reduction of external stimuli our sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, & skin) become hyper-sensitive which is a beautiful thing to experience for most afterwards.  Colours are sharper, more vivid and brighter, sounds and smells are more rich and full, and food explodes with flavours! We are snapped out of our chronic numbed autonomy caused by hustle and bustle of our routines and are reborn into the majestic physical realm that we so fortunately get to dwell in.

Nothing is better for a deep connection than 2 people cuddling who are this "in touch" with their bodies and out of their heads.


It breaks up the date!

If you're on an early-going date with someone, the float allows for a nice reprieve from the date.  It literally breaks it up.  You meet early, go for a short walk before your float, go to the centre, each have the individual float experience, calm down, reflect on oneself a little bit, reconnect with what is true for you and then re-connect with your date in the lounge afterwards. For some the early dates can be stressful as people may find it tough to let themselves be fully exposed right from day 1, so having a break within the date is not a bad thing for both people in my opinion. Plus it gives you both something to talk about and share.

So go for it!  Ask that special someone if they want to go on a float date! It's adventurous, relaxing and sets you both up for a greater connection. And if they say "no, thanks" you can always float with your Mom or Dad, they'll love you for it!
Thanks for reading.



Breathing Tips for in a Float:

- for the first minute or two take deeper than normal breaths, in the nose and out the mouth.
- eventually allow the breath to normalize and do not attempt to control it.
- continue to breathe in and out of the nose. Breathing in the mouth can induce anxiety.
- try to match the depth, rate, and intensity of each inhale to each exhale.
- with each exhale perhaps state an internal mantra of "relax" or "let go".
- always breathe into the lower abdomen (diaphragm) and not in to the upper chest, belly breathing induces greater calmness, while chest breathing can increase anxiety.