Tom is a professional parkour athlete and head coach at Origins Parkour Facility located in Vancouver, BC.  He has been coaching parkour professionally for over 4 years and received his Master of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia in 2014 to enhance his knowledge of motor skill acquisition in sport. Tom has been heavily involved in the sportification of parkour, co-founding the Sport Parkour League which organizes the largest and most successful parkour competition in North America.  As a relatively obscure activity, he hopes to embed parkour into mainstream culture such that it becomes as common a practice as traditional sports or activities.

Tom has been involved in the discipline of parkour for almost 10 years.  Beginning his parkour journey in Florida, Tom founded Florida Parkour, an organization dedicated to jumpstarting fledgling parkour communities around the state and uniting the individual communities for annual gatherings.  In 2010 he moved to Vancouver, BC initially to pursue postgraduate education.  When Origins Parkour Facility was established in 2011 a path opened up to pursue his passion of teaching and spreading parkour as a career.  Tom has travelled all over North America visiting many of the major communities, participating in jams, teaching workshops, and competing with those at the highest level of the sport.

Along with his love for movement, Tom is passionate about learning.  When he is not jumping on things, he immerses himself into books, podcasts, and documentaries in an effort to seek a deeper understanding of the world around him.  In addition to his interest in learning about the external world, he has a strong interest in exploring his own consciousness via meditation, play, and exploration of nature.