The entrepreneurial pursuit within an unregulated and relatively unknown industry is one of great commitment, patience, adaptation, excitement, and discovery. For us bringing floating to Vancouver has been as much of an internal journey as an external one.

In late 2010 we tried floating and recognized the benefits of it immediately, we purchased a tank and began sharing the experience with as many people as we could. We then embarked on the pursuit of our first ever entrepreneurial venture, a process that took 2 years before we could open. Whether it was cultivating the confidence and self-belief that we could actually do this, to working extensively with the Ministry of Health in developing float regulations, educating a landlord to understand what we are trying to do in order to secure a space, to discussions with various other municipality questions and regulations; we always kept our vision in the forefront of our minds as a healthy obsession. We were absolutely determined to create this venture because we both knew 1) how powerful and transformative a practice of floating truly is and 2) the only thing we would regret would be not trying. That would have been the only failure. One of our mantras throughout the entire process was:


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We cannot fail, we can only learn and grow.

Thank you for thinking outside the box, thank you for being open to something different. Our commitment is to deliver the best floating experience possible. Our hearts are filled with gratitude, thank you!