Professional MMA Fighter/Dreamer. 8-1 Pro Record.


Gary grew up in a small Northern BC town called Williams Lake and although he tried many different sports he was never referred to as an athlete. He had a vision to be the underdog to inspire other underdogs to strive for the top spots, represent what they believed in any sport including certain sports that many fear to even watch at times, with a strong mindset and undying will to succeed.

Gary became a member of the locally famed Revolution Fight Team gym and after winning a local tournament, was focused to begin his new career as a Mixed Marital Artist. His main inspiration was the same as it remains today: to do something out of the box and inspire any individual that witnesses his difficult journey. Gary continued to win tournaments and began fighting in the United States where he quickly made a name for himself all the way to India, where he fought in front of 12,000 people. 

3 years since he began his journey, Gary has piled up a 7-2 Amateur Record and 4-1 professional record culminating in a victory that secured the Battlefield Fight League Featherweight Champion. Recently, Gary was invited to Montreal to join the best MMA gym in the world, home to UFC champion Georges St Pierre and many others that were once just idols on his wall. His head coach is now Firas Zahabi who is known as the best MMA coach and head coach of many champions such as GSP. Gary is working toward putting his South Asian heritage on the world map by becoming the first Person of Indian descent to make the UFC.