Floating has an incredible array of benefits for your body, mind & soul — many that you can only get within the tank. We all have different reasons why we float, whether it's to reduce stress and restore balance in our lives, achieve a deeper state of meditation, or unleashing our creativity. For us, community comes first. 


What happens in the tank is only part of the experience, it is the conversations, connections and collaborations that continue past your float that complete the package. We truly appreciate the community and family that has developed around floating (and Float House), so we want to highlight this tribe and show gratitude towards you all. 

Below you will find: a list of floating benefits, thoughts and conversations on our blog inspired by floating and float culture, our ambassadors who are doing amazing things and embodying what floating is all about, and Vancouver Real a form of new media hosted by Float House founders Mike & Andy Zaremba to highlight inspiring and fascinating people around Vancouver.

We hope you will be open to sharing your experiences and the reasons why you float. Thank you for being here.