As one of the largest float centres in the world — and the first in Vancouver — Float House helped set the standard for floating in Canada and beyond, quickly expanding to multiple locations. Enjoy a premium experience at an affordable rate and most importantly, breathe deep and relax, welcome home!



The tank water is fully-filtered 3 times between each float, passing through a hot tub caliber filter & the epsom salts are a natural disinfectant (super-saturated in the tank). 



You get your own room complete with a shower for pre- and post-float, towels, robe, clothing hooks and a lockable door. This is your space to enter or exit the tank as you like.



Our staff members are experienced in floating and knowledgeable in the world of sensory deprivation. We've hosted over 60,000 floats, and want you to feel at home while you're here.

Robert Loves The Atmosphere Of Our Centres

Whether you’re looking for a quiet clean contemplative atmosphere to journey within, or simply a new spa experience, the Float House in Gastown delivers on so many levels.
— Robert E. | Yelp