I am a yogi who is committed to illuminating areas within me and my students that are hiding in the shadows. When we embark on a yogic journey, we are brought to a place of higher awareness where irresponsible thoughts and actions are no longer ignored. I believe that this practice has a strong power to transform and this transformation varies from person to person. Whether it be living a more healthy and active lifestyle to elevating your global consciousness, i want to encourage individuals to positively impact their communities and environments.

We wake up in order to be present in our daily lives. We are eliminating pain in our physical bodies so we can connect to a more spiritual and energetic self. We are transforming ourselves on a micro level in order to influence the world. The time is now, step onto the mat and enjoy the ride. I began my practice in the eighth grade which has evolved naturally into teaching. I offer a strong vinyasa class with lots of breath, flowing movement, inversions and arm balances. My studies in traditional chinese medicine (tcm) percolate my teachings, so don't' be surprised if you learn a little about the meridians and tcm theory.


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