Lisa’s fascination with hair began at a very young age with numerous dolls, infinite amounts of time, & a short attention span matched with a wild imagination. By 16, she had somehow gained the trust of her family & friends to start cutting, coloring & styling for them as nothing more than a fun hobby. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary, Lisa wandered extensively through Southeast Asia and Australia exploring her love of photography and hunger for life. It was then that Lisa discovered that her hobby was a powerful way to connect with people she met on her travels; She could be found cutting hair for friends anywhere from balconies, courtyards, huts & anywhere in between.

In 2010, Lisa attended the JCI Institute in Vancouver as the recipient of the JCI Institute Scholarship Winner & began her hairstyle career with the Chop Shop on Granville Street, learning amongst some of the top talents in the industry. In May 2012, less than eight months after graduating the Hair Design Program, this highly driven, passionate, and creative artist established her own Chop Shop as a sole ownership franchise.

Lisa is a certified yoga instructor (RYT200) and believes in the daily practice of conscious breathing, infusing each hair session with complete presence, focus, and positivity. On her approach to trends and way of life: “The hottest trend to me is genuine self-expression. It's a style that is ever-changing for each individual and will never go out of fashion.” You’ll most likely find her floating, dancing, at yoga, playing in the woods or behind the chair at Lisa’s Chop Shop, located at 519 Abbott Street, just up the road from the Float House in Gastown!