Hiiro Prince is a born and raised Vancouverite.  He is a full time yoga teacher teaching vinyasa, hatha, Yin and Restorative styles.   He created his brand "True Identity Project" which is to empower other people to embrace their true unique Self and offering it through multiple platforms including yoga, mindfulness, writing and public speaking. 

He is a contributor for ManTalks, has a keen interest for amateur street photography and everything Self care related (Floating!!!)

Hiiro is passionate about community and giving back to others through yoga and empowering people to be their very best.  His future goals are to be a mentor, coach, leader and teacher trainer for other yoga teachers and people in general.  One major dream for him is to be the owner of his own studio in order to establish the True Identity brand as a whole.

His intention is to motivate and inspire everyone to tune out to tune in and nurture, restore and explore their "True Identity!"

For more information on his current projects visit his website.


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