Garett "GCAMWIL" Campbell-Wilson is a multi-disciplinary fine artist emerging from Vancouver, BC. His artwork has caught the eye of collectors and touched the hearts of enthusiast worldwide.

Variety is key in his creative process and he finds it important to resist becoming restricted to one style or way of working. He prefers to paint large while developing multiple paintings at a time. A recurring theme in Gcamwil’s work revolves around multi-dimensional perception. He creates conversation pieces where viewers may enter into dialogue sharing their multiple perspectives. Gcamwil gains inspiration from nature, observation, and tapping into all the senses. Essentially, his vivid dreams are reinterpreted in his artwork.The connection of mind, body, and spirit is essential to the GCAMWIL creation process.

Campbell-Wilson's public exhibitions include the prestigious Royal Ontario Museum, Museum of Vancouver, and other notable venues throughout Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Brazil, and the United States.

Garett holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from Lesley University School of Art & Design in Boston. Inspired by his university experience in Boston, Garett opened the GCAMWIL Art Academy in Vancouver which provides professional training to ambitious students of all ages who wish to achieve higher creative and technical skills. More information about Garett and his Academy can be found at


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