Caleb Jennings is an Entrepreneur and the Co-Founder & Co-Visionary of Young and Raw, a company committed to enriching people's health and wellbeing by creating and curating empowered education on natural, sustainable, whole food living and self-development.

He is a "biohackinglifehacker" with an insatiable curiosity and deep passion for neuroscience, psychology, human behavior, and everything related to optimizing human health, happiness, and performance.

Reading, consciousness exploration, staying active, world travel, deepening connections with friends, intelligent conversations, thinking of new and awesome ways to make a Positive Measurable Impact in other people's lives, and enjoying the endless wonders of nature's beauty and the outdoors are just a few of his favorite investments of his time, energy, and resources.

Floating has been one of the highest leverage and most effective healing and creativity boosting experiences he has experimented with to date, and recommends it to just about everyone he meets so they too can feel the profound benefits in their own lives.


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