Bryce is an award-winning artist, founder of The One Project and changemaker marketing consultant to international brands including Nature Valley, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and Kind Snacks. He has a passion for building brands, creating campaigns and developing engaged communities that help create a positive impact in the world.

Through his own journey in using photography to overcome severe depression and anxiety, he has become an expert in therapeutic photography, helping to teach the techniques and benefits it can have for mental wellness with The One Project.

Bryce has shown in a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary and also displayed on over 300 Pattison Onestop screens in 42 malls across Canada for two weeks during Pop-Up Gallery: Retail Revolution and National Youth Arts Week. His work has been exhibited across Canada, won multiple contests and awards, and commissioned for an anti-bullying campaign across North America. Most recently he exhibited and presented The One Project at Perugia Social Photo Fest in Perugia, Italy during November 2013 —representing Canada in the exhibitions.

Now, Bryce is continuing to develop The One Project and his own art with floating playing a major role in being able to manage it all. As a spiritual explorer, he uses the float tank as a way to tune out, explore the Universe and get in touch with his inner self.


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