Devin Manky is a local born and raised Vancouverite with a passion for exploring new adventures and ideas.  Believing that we should do the things we love, Devin works full time with wildlife and animals as the Manager of the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife and also has a successful side career as a photographer.  Devin loves introducing others to the wonder of nature and teaching about the incredible diversity of wildlife we have here in British Columbia and how we can and should preserve it for future generations.

On the photographic side of things his passions range from wildlife and fine art to events and sports.  Devin is a photographer for the Vancouver Canucks, Grouse Mountain, Canadian Olympic Committee, International Fencing Federation and many other organizations.  

In addition to these two professions he has a wide ranging interests and holds certificates in SCUBA diving, mountaineering and is just about to finish his Pilot’s license.  It’s all about exploring the world around us to the fullest and leaving no stone unturned.  

With all these activities Devin finds Floating an amazing escape and a chance to disconnect from technology, the stresses of work and schedule and the world in general.  Floating offers a chance to remove yourself from everything and just be with your mind.  You can explore what is working in your life, what isn’t and how to change – or you can just detach, go into a trance and escape.  After a float things are more balanced and you feel centred and everything just seems to be ‘right’ in your world.  It’s a great way to balance a busy schedule with mental fitness.

Devin loves sharing his Float experiences with others and encouraging them to try it for themselves!  He’s proud to be a Float House ambassador.