On the location page, you can see all of our available float sessions, choose your time and set recurring floats to help you build a routine and experience the compounding effects of floating. If this is your first float with us, please create your account to finish booking.


Please note that the type of float tanks and amenities vary by location. 


Prices range from $39 - $75/ float*

* Price depends on which option you choose.



Premium memberships are for those looking to get the most out of their floating experience. Floating is a practice that has a learning curve and an accumulation effect — the more often you do it, the better and more effective it gets.  

You get the best value by becoming a member! With a membership, you'll enjoy the best floating experience with flexible terms, the best prices on floats, and many perks like:

  • SHAREABLE (bring anyone in to float with you for $39)
  • Discounted extra floats
  • Discounts on retail items
  • Discounted massages with our partners*
  • Complimentary cold-pressed juice*
  • ...and MUCH MORE!

With no long-term contracts and the ability to suspend your membership for up to one month, the membership is the way to go! Dive deep into your Self, manage stress, start or supplement your meditation practice, and connect to an amazing tribal community of conscious-minded individuals! 





The type of tanks and amenities may vary based on location — however we strive to provide the same great experience across all our locations.