Ally explores because there is no better way to exist.  The traditional norm of a simple life in one place doesn't cut it; she craves the challenge of new locations and experiences.

Ally Pintucci is an aspiring entrepreneur based out of Vancouver. She works with a group of friends who run the company, Chasing Sunrise, where she's all about waking up and chasing after everything you want in life. While Chasing Sunrise has grown to have a large online community that has expanded worldwide, it all started with free sunrise hikes in Vancouver where hundreds of people would meet at 4 am in the parking lot of Mount Seymour and hike to the peak to catch sunrise.

Ally is also a co-founder of When In Doubt Love. As she puts it, 'the whole point of WIDL is to start a love revolution...with ourselves." She believes we are quick to give love to others, but we don't always give ourselves the self respect and love that we deserve living in a society where insecurities can sometimes consume us.